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Male sex toys are extremely popular, and deliver mind blowing new sensations to the user. Here at Loving Joy we have a huge range of different sex toys for men, including male masturbators, penis sleeves, and cock rings, so find the right male sex toy today!

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What are Male Sex Toys?

Male sex toys are more often than not masturbation aids that enhance sexual pleasure in men. There are various types of sex toys for men, all of which have been specifically design to increase sexual stimulation. These include male masturbators, male vibrators, penis sleeves, prostate massagers and cock rings. Loving Joy is a leading manufacturer in producing the best sex toys for men.

What Are The Different Types of Male Sex Toys?

Loving Joy produces some of the best male sex toys, below we have listed the popular categories of sex toys for men with a brief description on how to use them as well as our best product in that sub-category.

  • Male Masturbators – Male masturbators or artificial vaginas are masturbation aids that have been designed to increase sexual pleasure. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and orifices, including vaginas, mouths, and anus’. Male masturbation aids are extremely easy to use, and you would use them exactly like you think you would. When your male masturbator arrives make sure that you clean it before use. After it has been cleaned apply lubricant to the sex toy, and your penis. Then put your penis inside the male sex toy and begin thrusting, or wanking with the masturbation device. If you want to you will be able to ejaculate inside the masturbator. Always clean your male sex toys after use, and store them in a cool dry place. If your male masturbator is made from TPE you may want to buy some refresh powder, which is a corn starch based formula that makes your male masturbator feel brand new! Our best male masturbator is the Loving Joy Real Feel Pussy Stroker, an artificial vagina that will only cost you £14.95!
  • Male Vibrators – Male Vibrators are male masturbators that vibrate or rotate. The additional vibrations or rotations give even more stimulation to the user. Due to the increased movement from the vibrations and rotations we strongly recommend using lubricant in order to severely decrease friction which can lead to injury. You would use a male vibrator like you would a male masturbator. So lubricate your penis and the male sex toy, and then insert your member into the sex toy. You can gently thrust into the adult toy, or allow it to do its work on you! Remember to always clean your male vibrator after use as well as storing it in a cool and dry place. Hands down our best male vibrator is the REV1000. This is a rotating male masturbator that rotates around your penis head giving you an incredible sensation and helps you reach climax. The REV1000 costs you £119.99 and is worth every penny!
  • Penis Sleeves – Penis sleeves are designed for you to slip over your penis. These male sex toys increase your penis base girth, and some are even designed to increase length. Many feature additional textures on the outside or inside. These additional textures make them great products for you to use with your partner as they increase pleasure for both of you. Penis sleeves are easy to use, to begin with you would want to lubricate the sleeve and your penis, before slipping your erect penis into it. Some penis sleeves feature a ball loop, if this is the case with yours then gently push your balls through the loop after you have entered the sleeve. Remember to always clean before and after use and to store in a cool dry place! Our best penis sleeve is the Loving Joy Mighty 3 Inch Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop. This penis sleeve can give the wearer up to 25% more girth, as well as increasing length by 3 inches! This penis extension sleeve is an absolute steal and will only cost you £16.99!
  • Cock Rings – There are many different names for penis rings including cock rings and love rings. These are an extremely popular sex toy, and are often seen as the gateway sex toy for many couples! The point of a penis ring is to prevent blood from flowing out of the penis. They work by putting pressure on the on the blood vessels, making them tighter and reducing the amount of blood that can leave the penis. This reduced blood flow should give the penis a firmer and much stronger erection, and in some people can even delay ejaculation! To use a cock ring add a small amount of lubricant around the ring and the base of the penis before slowly sliding it in to place. There are different cock rings, some designed to sit at the top of the penis, some the base of the penis, and some around the cock and balls. So check which type of cock ring you have in order to make sure you are putting it on correctly. Our best cock ring is the Loving joy Vibrating Love Ring which will only cost you £2.99. This cheap and cheerful cock ring is a great beginners sex toy.
  • Penis Pumps – Penis Pumps are devices that are designed to give the user temporary penis enlargement. They work by creating a vacuum in the cylinder which causes more blood to be drawn to the penis. This makes your penis bigger due to the increase of blood and can also give you stronger erections. Penis Pumps are easy to use. Simply insert your penis into the tube, making sure that the tube has the flexible base ring around it. Once you have inserted your penis begin to squeeze the bulb, or turn the pump on. Continue pumping, and watch your penis get bigger. If the pump starts to make you feel uncomfortable stock pumping and release pressure immediately. Once you have reached your desired size release the pressure inside the tube by pushing the quick release valve that can usually be found at the top. After you have released the pressure roll the base ring off the bottom of the cylinder and use like a cock ring. This will keep the blood inside your penis, making it bigger and stronger for longer. Remember to always clean your penis pump before and after use as well as storing it in a dry, safe place.
  • Prostate Massagers – Prostate Massagers are male sex toys that are designed to be inserted into the anus. They feature a curved tip that is suppose to apply additional pressure to the prostate gland, which is also known as the male G-Spot or P-Spot. Massaging the prostate can lead to enhanced orgasms, or a full body orgasm. Prostate massagers are very easy to use. Clean the device before use and then apply some lubricant to it and your rectum. Slowly insert the prostate massager into your anus. Once inserted you can contract your sphincter muscles which will make the device move slowly, applying more pressure to your prostate. Some prostate massagers now also vibrate and some have a remote control making giving them even more functions for you to try. You can leave your prostate massager in during foreplay or sex with your partner. Remember once you have finished with your prostate massager to clean with warm soapy water or specifically formulated sex toy cleaner.
  • Penis Enlargers – These are not male pleasure products, but more male sexual health and growth products. Penis enlargers are products that ensure permanent penis growth. They work using traction, which is essentially where the device will pull your penis over a period of time. Penis traction devices usually take 6 months to work properly, but you do see ever lasting results. The traction process causes cell growth to occur, making your penis longer, and in some cases wider. To use a penis extension device you would need to put your penis through the base ring, and then attach your penis to the top of the loop and then alter the length of the device. You would then wear the device for around four to five hours, and repeat this over a 6 month period.
  • Sex Dolls – Sex dolls are some of the most popular male sex toys on the market. They are great for solo masturbation but are also extremely popular in stag and bachelor parties. Sex Dolls usually have three orifices; a mouth, vagina and an anus. Inflatable love dolls were the first sex dolls, however recently larger, more realistic sex dolls came to market. They are made from materials like TPE or Silicone. These time and technology that is being invested in sex dolls at the moment is huge, and now there are love dolls that warm up, move, and even feature artificial intelligence allowing you to hold a conversation with them. Sex dolls, like other male sex toys, are easy to use. If you have an inflatable sex doll you will need to blow it up before using it. Then lubricate the orifices you intend to use as well as your own penis to reduce friction. You should also do this with realistic sex dolls. Once this has been done you can now thrust and have sexual intercourse with your love doll. Once you have finished remember to clean your sex toy as well storing it in a cool and dry place!
  • Fleshlight – Fleshlight are a manufacturer of male sex toys that have become synonymous with masturbatory aids. The original Fleshlight was created by Steve Shubin who patented the male mastubator as a discreet sperm collection device in Austin, Texas. Fleshlight have also released a range of male masturbators molded directly from porn stars vaginas, called the Fleshlight Girls.
  • TENGA – TENGA is a Japanese manufacturer who specializes in manufacturing male sex toys and masturbation aids that do not look like the human vagina. They have made numerous different types including the Tenga Cup, Tenga Flip Hole, Tenga 3D, and Tenga Egg.
What is a Male Anal Sex Toy?

A male anal sex toy is a sex toy that is designed to be inserted into the anus. These can be vibrating, or non-vibrating and may be a butt plug or anal beads. Take a look at all our anal sex toys, and find the best male anal sex toy for you!

What is the Best Male Sex Toy?

Below are our best sex toys for men based on what our customers have bought globally! These are the most popular male sex toys:

REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator with Box

REV1000 Rotating Male Vibrator

The REV1000 Masturbation Aid is one of our best sex toys for men. This male vibrator features a 7 rotating settings and 7 speeds. This gives you a total of 49 different functions. The REV1000 Male Vibrator features an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to easily control the numerous different functions. The REV1000 also features an internal sleeve that has nodules on it to deliver even more stimulation.

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Loving Joy Mighty Penis Extension Sleeve

Loving Joy Mighty 3 Inch Penis Extension with Ball Loop

The Loving Joy Mighty is one of our best male sex toys. It quickly became very popular as it immediately adds three inches to the wearers penis length. This male sex toy features a ball loop that allows for a secure fitting. The loop also holds this sex toy in place. This penis sleeve features a realistic design for an incredibly life-like experience.

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Loving Joy Real Feel Pussy Stroker Male Masturbator

Loving Joy Real Feel Pussy Stroker Male Masturbator

This artificial vagina is the perfect male sex toy to enhance your solo masturbation sessions. This artificial vagina features an ultra-realistic design. The inside features an incredible texture that has been designed to give incredible sensations whilst in use. This male masturbator features an open ended design making it easy to use and even easier to clean!

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Loving Joy Metal Love Ring

Bound to Please Metal Cock Ring 45 mm

The Bound to Please Metal Ball & Cock Ring is not only one of our best sex toys for men but is also our best cock ring. This metal sex toy is designed to be worn around the shaft and balls. It is designed to prevent blood from leaving the penis. This helps to give the wearer a bigger erection for a longer period of time.

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Loving Joy Boss Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop

Loving Joy Boss Texture Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop

The Loving Joy Boss Penis Extension Sleeve is one our our best male sex toys. This penis sleeve is designed to be slipped onto a hard penis. It adds up to 25% more girth to the wearer. It also features internal nodules to stimulate them further. The outer of the sleeve features a ribbed like texture to deliver even more stimulation to their partner. Finally this male sex toy features a strong ball loop for comfort and also to help delay ejaculation of the wearer.

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Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring

Loving Joy Vibrating Cock Ring

The Loving Joy Vibrating Cock Ring is the perfect male sex toy for beginners. Not only is it a great sex toy for men, but the vibrating function also makes it a spectacular couples sex toy. The vibrating cock ring has a small vibrating motor designed to stimulate the partners clitoris. It is also designed to help delay ejaculation in the wearer.

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Impound Corkscrew Male Chastity Device

Impound Corkscrew Male Chastity Device

The Impound Corkscrew Male Chastity Device is one of our best sex toys for men. This cock cage is designed to prevent the wearer from getting an hard on. This chastity belt for men also comes with a hollow urethral plug for additional security or satisfaction. The Impound range of chastity sex toys for men is very popular due to them all coming with three different sized cock rings.

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Loving Joy Realistic Sex Toy For Men

Loving Joy Pleasure Stroker Artificial Vagina

The Loving Joy Real Feel Pleasure Stroker is an artificial vagina that is designed to be used as a male masturbation aid. This male sex toy features a realistic appearance and feels incredible as you enter it! This artificial vagina features an internal canal that has a variety of different sensations inside it that will drive you wild!

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Loving Joy Extra Penis Extension Sleeve

Loving Joy Extra 3 Inch Penis Extension

The Loving Joy 3 Inch Extra Penis Extension Sleeve is one of our best selling male sex toys. This penis sleeve is very easy to use and simply slips over the penis. It features raised veins for a realistic appearance and even more sexual stimulation. This penis extension sleeve can also increase the girth of your penis by up to 25%.

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Bound to Please Triple Cock and Ball Ring

Bound to Please Triple Cock & Ball Ring

The Bound to Please Triple Cock & Ball Ring is one of our best cock rings and best sex toys for men. This male sex toy is designed to fit comfortably around the base of the penis. This metal cock ring is designed to give you a harder erection for a longer period of time.

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Loving Joy Erection Rings

Loving Joy Adonis Cock Rings (Pack of Three)

The Loving Joy Set of Three Cock Rings is another one of our popular male sex toys. These cock rings are designed to enhance your erection. Try wearing one of these cock rings around your scrotum, one around your shaft, and one at the top of your penis. This should increase sensitivity whilst delaying ejaculation, making your love make sessions even longer!

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These are our best sex toys for men based on what customers have bought in the past, so it does not include any recent additions to our offering. So if you cannot find what you are looking for then scroll back to the top and take a look at all our male sex toys.

Loving Joy Male Sex Toys

Shop all Loving Joy Sex Toys for Men, and choose from some of our best selling products, from male masturbators to cock rings. If you cannot decide which is the best male sex toy for you, then take a look at our guides to sex toys for men that have been specifically created to help you choose the best male sex toy. If you are looking for a bargain then take a look at our collection of cheap sex toys for men.