Beginners Guide to Dildos

Want to buy a dildo? Not quite sure what the best dildo for you or your partner is? Or simple not quite sure what a dildo is…well here at Loving Joy we aim to educate! So we have had our team of experts create a guide to answer all questions you may have!

What is a dildo?

Dildos are one of the most well known and also highest searched for types of sex toys on the internet. If you haven’t, then here is a quick explanation for you. A dildo is a sex toy or marital aid that has been designed for penetration. You can get a dildo for vaginal, anal, or both types of penetration. There are numerous different types of dildos ranging from realistic ones, to ones that look a bit more avant-garde. Below we go through the most important and popular types of dildos.

What are the different types of dildos?

Realistic Dildos – These are designed to look, and more often the not, feel just like the real thing. Realistic dildos are some of the best selling and most popular dildos, with many featuring balls and veins to make them look as realistic as possible.

Non-Phallic Dildos – These are unrealistic dildos that sometimes look more like sculptures than sex toys. These dildos are more often then not harness compatible and extremely popular amongst our lesbian customers.

Vibrating Dildos – These are a variety of different types of dildos that all vibrate. If you like the idea of a vibrator, but don’t think a vibrating dildo is for you, then take a look at our full guide to the different types of vibrators here.

Large Dildos – These are….you guessed it…big dildos! They can range from realistic to non-phallic but what they do have in common is size! They will be bigger than your average dildo and are certainly not for beginners or the faint-hearted!

Glass Dildos – These also often look like sculptures and feature different ridges and nodules on them for a whole variety of stimulation.

Anal Dildos – Anal dildos can be realistic or non-phallic, but what they all have in common is a smaller than average sized shaft, making it easier for them to be inserted anally.

Strapless Dildos – Strapless dildos feature a long shaft that has a curved base with a bulb on the end of it. The bulb is designed to be inserted vaginally and used like a strapless strap on.

Strap On Dildos – Strap On dildos are dildos that are harness compatible. Dildos that have a suction cup base are usually always harness compatible so can be turned into a strap on dildo with the help of an O Ring!

Double Ended Dildos or Double Dildos – Double dildos feature two realistic, or unrealistic tips that can be used alone for double penetration or alongside a partner for vaginal or anal stimulation.

What are dildos made from?

Dildos tend to be used as a substitute for the male penis, so in general dildos are made from materials that can make these sex toys look and feel just like the real thing. For example:

Silicone Dildos – This is one of the most popular materials. This is because silicone is firm yet soft and smooth at the same time. The nature of silicone makes them great for anal and vaginal use. They are also extremely easy to clean with warm soapy water. Silicone in general is a very popular material because it quickly warms up to body temperature when in use. You can also warm it up before hand in a bowl of warm water if you so desire.

Metal & Glass Dildos – This type of dildo is extremely firm, and those who choose them generally do so because of their unique look and firmness. The firmness of metal and glass means that the use is able to apply more pressure to their erogenous zones.

TPE Dildos – These often feel just like the real thing because TPE has an elastic nature so when squeezed it goes back to its original shape. TPE is a porous material so we highly recommend that you clean it before and after each use in other to prevent the build up of any bacteria.

PVC and Rubber Dildos – PVC and Rubber are both firm and flexible offering a relatively realistic feel, making them great for sex toys. However, they may contain latex so please be aware of this if you suffer from a latex allergy.

Are there any health benefits of owning a dildo?

There are a few mental and physical benefits to using a dildo which can include mood elevation, attaining sexual satisfaction whenever and wherever you choose, they are safe sex, and they can also be great for strengthening the your pelvic floor muscles. If you would like to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles but aren’t sure where or what to start with, then take a look at our guides to pelvic floor exercising with kegel balls here.

What are the best dildos?

Here at Loving Joy we understand our customers are always after the best sex toys and adult toys, so we created a guide dedicated to help you find the best dildo! You can view this full guide here.

Where can I buy a dildo?

You can buy a dildo from the official online Loving Joy sex toy store today, or from one of our retail partners. Remember that when you buy a Loving Joy Dildo you receive a one year product guarantee on it!

If you have any more questions on about dildos then please feel free to contact us and one of our dildo experts will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as they can!

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