Sex Toy Names

If you are looking into the different types of sex toys and want to know the different names of the types of adult toys, then take a look at our guide to the different types of sex toys.

If on the other hand you want to know about the different names of sex toys, and how they got there names; then you have come to the right place! Below we discuss the different names of sex toys, and also our ever growing list of failed names.

Names of Sex Toys

Here at Loving Joy we like to name our sex toys as something that the whole company can agree on, this means that everyone in our company has an input on what our sex toys and also sub brands are called. So how do we go about naming our products? Nowadays, what tends to happy is that we create a sample of a product and then take a look at the different functions and USPs each vibrator, dildo or male sex toy has. From this one of the buyers would then go and put a list of suggestions together. We usually like naming our sex toys in a Scandinavian sense, well at least for our higher end and slightly more expensive range of sex toys. The other adult toys we sell would usually name then to be as specific as possible, meaning that the name is a brief description on the product.

However, with the higher end products like the VITA, VERSA, and DUA, we take a word and shorten it a bit. For example the VITA was named because; it is a vital sex toy for women; it will inevitably become your favourite magic wand vibrator; it’s gravitational, because you will keep getting pulled back to it; it’s revitalising, and you will feel fantastic after every orgasm; and so much more. Or the REV1000; because it is a revolutionary sex toy for men; as well as being a rotating male masturbator that revolves around the penis. This is the general formula that is followed with the high end Loving Joy Sex Toys.

Now for the fun bit.

Failed Sex Toy Names

Here are some names for sex toys that did not make the Loving Joy cut, however may be used later…(but probably not)

POW – Powerful