How to use Kegel Balls

Before learning how to use kegel balls, we strongly recommend reading our guide on how to do pelvic floor exercises. This is because using kegel balls is just like a pelvic floor exercise but with an added weight that you are trying to keep in.

Kegel Balls have many names, these include Pleasure Balls, Jiggle Balls, Love Balls, and Ben Wa Balls. Fundamentally these are all the same, so take a look at all of our Love Eggs and Jiggle Balls. They usually feature one or two ball shaped nodules that are attached to a piece of string or silicone. Ben Wa Balls and Jiggle balls usually feature loose balls inside each round nodule, you can feel these move when they are inserted, and they feel like a small vibration. Other types of pleasure balls or love balls feature solid balls. These tend to be heavier as they are made up of a completely solid material. Whatever type of balls you have bought, we always recommend to clean them before and after use, as well as storing in a cool dry place.

The aim of using kegel balls is to try and hold them in, so we recommend to begin with a lighter weight, and then work your way up to a more advanced weight, or metal kegel balls. We suggest that you start off with the Loving Joy Silicone Pleasure Balls, before moving on to the Loving Joy Kegel Toner Balls that weigh a whopping 200 g. (You can also use a vibrating love egg, like the Loving Joy 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg, in a similar way to using kegel balls. For example, by clenching your pelvic floor muscles with each vibration makes the exercise more difficult, and squeezing the egg, and holding it whilst it vibrates is much more difficult then trying to keep it in. You will be able to see more information on this with our guide on how to use love eggs.)

Once you have received your kegel ball, found the right weight and washed it, we recommend to apply a small amount of water based lubricant to the balls, and then gently insert them into your vagina, just like you would a tampon. You may find it easier to do this with a raised leg. Leave the cord hanging outside the body as you will need this for retrieval. Once the kegel balls are inserted begin contracting your pelvic floor muscles like you would do without a weight. You can find out how to do pelvic floor exercises here. As you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles you may feel that the weight starts to move up through your vagina. Squeeze the weight, and try and hold the squeeze, and the weight in your vagina, for a few around 30 seconds. Try repeating this process between 10 and 15 times. Once you have found the weight that you have very easy to hold in, try moving on to a heavier weight. After a few weeks  you should see improvement, and find it easier to hold the weight within your vagina.

You can use your kegel balls whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. Many of our customers use them whilst sitting down, watching TV, doing chores, and even in the shower. Once you have become confident in doing your kegel exercises, you should find them comfortable to do anywhere.

If you have any questions on how to use kegel balls then please feel free to contact us and one of our product experts will get back to you.