How to use a banana as a Sex Toy

Sex toys, also known as adult toys or marital aids are devices created to enhance sexual pleasure during solo masturbation or with a partner. Dildos are a type of sex toy that is designed specifically for sexual penetration. They are often realistic and resemble human genitalia, however, non-phallic dildos are also becoming more and more popular, especially when used as lesbian sex toys. So if you were using a banana as a sex toy it would technically be called a dildo.

So, how do you use a banana as a sex toy or dildo? Here at Loving Joy, whenever you are about to use a sex toy we recommend that you always get comfortable and relaxed. Maybe try putting on some soft music to make you even more at ease. Start by gently rubbing your erogenous zones like your nipples, or inner thigh. Once you are sufficiently aroused peel the banana. Then slowly begin to enter the banana into your mouth, bite down and start chewing. Then go to your computer or mobile phone, type in Loving Joy and browse our range of specifically designed toys for sexual stimulation. With all the potassium you have in your system from the banana you should easily be able to find the best sex toy for you!

There is no need to use a banana as a dildo when sex toys are easily available to purchase and can be delivered next day! Your body will thank you for using a specifically designed toy to massage your erogenous zones! Bananas are not sex toys. So don’t use them as them. Furthermore, have you ever seen that video with a spider coming out of a banana?

We understand that everyone has a budget, so you may not want have a lot of money to spend on adult toys, but here at Loving Joy we like to think we have something for everyone, so we offer cheap sex toys to expensive sex toys to cater for everybody’s needs!

If you have any more questions on how to use a banana as a sex toy then please feel free to contact us and one of our female sex toy experts will answer any questions you may have!