Amazon Sex Toys

Oh Joy! screamed our customers as they found out they could buy the full Loving Joy range of sex toys from Amazon.

Amazon UK, DE, ES, IT, and US all stock numerous Loving Joy items, so if you want to buy our sex toys from Amazon you can. This of course means that if you are a amazon prime member you will be able to get free delivery on your sex toy orders. Browse our collection of female, couples and male sex toys on amazon and find the best sex toy for you and your partner.

What are the cons of buying sex toys on Amazon?

Amazon sex toys are not just Loving Joy products, so this means that you may get confused and end up purchasing an adult toy that we do not manufacturer. This means that you cannot trust it’s quality as it will not have the Loving Joy seal of approval, that guarantees you a one year warranty on all your products. Furthermore, if you buy sex toys from amazon you will have to use abide by their returns policy. Buying sex toys from the official Loving Joy adult toy store means that you are able to get a refund or replacement product if anything were to go wrong with your purchase.

If you have any more questions about where our sex toys are on sale then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!