Sexual Health Benefits of Sex Toys

Sex toys, previously a very taboo topic and still have a slight stigma attached to them are becoming more and more talked about and accepted. Although their is a lot of writing around sex toys and sexual health there is never any real clarity on whether or not they can benefit our sexual health.

Although sex toys are primarily designed for sexual satisfaction and solo masturbation, there are few that are specifically designed to benefit your health. These sex toys include weighted pelvic floor devices that help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, preventing incontinence in the user, whilst simultaneously drawing blood to the vagina, resulting in an increased sex drive.

A sex toys primary function is to give you sexual satisfaction, or replicate sexual activity. So by answering the question ‘is sex good for you?’ Then we must also answer the question ‘are sex toys good for you?’ So is sex good for you? Yes. Let me explain:

Research conducted at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania showed that students that have sex once or twice a week had higher levels of a certain antibody, and took less sick days, when compared with those who had sex less often.

There is also research that links sex and lower blood pressure; as you my know lower blood pressure can reduce the chance of future heart problems, reduce risks of strokes, as well as boosting kidney health.  This is not the first bit of research that suggests sex helps to lower heart problems.

The American Medical Association found that men who ejaculated more often, at least 21 times a month, were less likely to get prostate cancer. This study included ejaculation by all means, be it nocturnal emission or masturbation, and male sex toys are frequently referred to as masturbation aids.

Finally, after orgasm, a hormone called prolactin is released. Prolactin can be found in REM sleep and in the morning, and is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. A better sleep can help to lower stress levels as well as inflammation in your cardiovascular system. So by encouraging your body to release prolactin, you should have a better sleep than when you don’t.

In summary, a healthy sex life has many benefits for your own personal health. So the fact that sex toys are designed to mimic sexual activity strongly links them to benefiting your own health. If you are still not sure whether or not sex toys will benefit your health then here are a few more topics that should persuade you.

Female sex toys like vibrators and dildos naturally increase blood flow to the vagina. The increased blood flow can help to rejuvenate your intimate areas. By stimulating your vagina with a sex toy your body will start to send blood to it, the increased blood flow can help repair any damaged tissue as well as promoting vaginal lubrication, which many older women suffer from. By using a sex toy, and increasing the flow of blood to your vagina you increase your sex drive, which can lead to less painful sexual intercourse with your partner.

Male sex toys can also be used to benefit health, in fact, penis extension devices that employ a jelqing-like technique were originally designed as medical devices to cure peronei’s disease, which is where the penis bends and the cells become crystallised, making the penis extremely uncomfortable. These medical devices that were specifically designed to cure this had one side effect. This was permanent penis growth. A side effect many men would be grateful for!

Furthermore, there are many sex toys for men, including prostate massagers, that have been known to help men overcome erectile dysfunction, without having to use herbal or chemical supplements.

The popularity of sex toys is constantly increasing, and over time more people are buying a sex toy, be it one that is designed for solo masturbation, or one that is great for couples play. Younger generations are becoming more open about masturbation and sex, and as this continues to increase more scientific studies will be released around sex toys and their benefits to health. But for now, we think that there is a large amount of correlation between sex toys and the benefits that the user can experience.