Best Anal Sex Toys

Looking to buy an anal sex toy? Not quite sure what the best anal sex toy is for you? Well have no fear! Our adult toy experts have created a short guide to the best anal sex toys allowing you to choose the right butt plugs, anal bead, or anal vibrator! If you would like more information about the different types of anal sex toys then take a look at our guide to anal sex toys.

Anal sex and penetration has been quite a taboo subject for years, however with the younger generations being more open and discussing these subjects it is slowly becoming more and more accepted. As a result we have seen a huge increase in sales throughout our anal sex toys collection.

There are many different types of anal sex toys, including anal beads, anal vibrators and butt plugs. If you would like to known more about butt plugs then take a look at our different guides to butt plugs. The primary purpose for anal sex toys is for insertion into your rectum. Many people enjoy this stimulation whilst they masturbate, and many other people enjoy it whilst having sexual intercourse with their partner. If anal penetration is something that you or your partner enjoys, but you are not quite sure which is the best anal sex toy for you then take a look at our best anal sex toys below; a list that is based on what our customers have bought in the past:

Precious Metals Silver Heart Shaped Butt Plug – £14.99

Precious Metals Heart Shaped Butt PlugThe Precious Metals Heart Shaped Butt Plug is by far our best selling anal sex toy. This jeweled butt plug is small in size, with a widest point of 2.8 cm, making it great for beginners. It features a heart shaped flared base to prevent the butt plug from entering the rectum, that has a lovely red crystal on it. Like many other butt plugs, this one features a teardrop shape allowing for easy insertion. This heart shaped plug is made from high quality aluminium alloy so has a very smooth surface. This smooth surface makes insertion and cleaning a breeze. It also means that it is suitable for temperature play, so try warming it up and cooling it down in a bowl of water. If you are interested in butt plugs, but have more questions about them then check out all our guides to butt plugs.

Loving Joy Anal Douche 225ml – £12.99

Anal Douches are essential for cleaning your rectum before analLoving Joy Anal Douche with Plastic Tip penetration, be it with a sex toy or by a partner. The Loving Joy Anal Douche is extremely easy to use and allows you to clean up your bum and keep it as fresh as a daisy! This anal douche features a 225 ml bulb that is made from high quality PVC and is designed to store any form of liquid. The anal douche also has a small removable tip that is made from ABS. The ABS is very smooth meaning that you can easily insert it into your rectum. The tip has an insertable length of 6 cm. Get douching today with this high quality anal douche from Loving Joy!

Loving Joy Beginners Butt Plug Pink – £3.99

Loving Joy Beginners Butt PlugThe Loving Joy Finger Fun is a perfect butt plug for beginners. The small, little finger sized butt plug is made from high quality rubber. The plug is no bigger than a little finger making it extremely easy to insert. It has a ring at the base allowing for you to easily pull it out and gently push it back in. As with any anal sex toy we always recommend using it with lubricant, and also cleaning before and after use.

Loving Joy Black Triple Ripple Anal Beads – £8.95

Anal beads are one of the most well known, and searched for type of anal sex toy. These silky smooth silicone anal beads are by far our best sellingLoving Joy Silicone Anal Beads ones. This type of anal beads are also known as ‘triball’ beads, as they feature three different sized spheres that gradually increase in size. This beaded butt plug is slightly curved so it pushed against the prostate gland in men for even more stimulation. These anal beads also feature a sturdy finger loop for easy removal, and a pointed tip for easy insertion, meaning that you can push them in and pull them out easily. Because they are made from silicone you can also warm them up or cool them down in a bowl of water to indulge in some temperature play. These silicone anal beads are also available in pink. If you like the sound of these anal beads but are not quite sure how to use them, then take a look at our guide explaining how to use anal beads.

Furry Fantasy White Bunny Tail Butt Plug – £19.99

Furry Fantasy White Bunny Tail 1If you are looking to indulge in some animal role play with your partner then this tail butt plug from Furry Fantasy is perfect. The butt plug has a small size to it making it great for beginners. It also was a teardrop shape making insertion very easy. The plug features a faux fur tail at the end that is white and incredibly soft to the touch. The plug is made from aluminium alloy meaning that it is extremely smooth making it easy to insert and also very easy to clean. It also means that it can be used alongside water-, oil-, and silicone-based lubricants.

If you like the idea of tail butt plugs, but aren’t quite sure if this is the one for you, then have a look at our full range of Furry Fantasy Tail Butt Plugs and choose from different coloured bunny and fox tails!

If you have any questions on the best anal sex toys then please feel free to contact us via email and one of our anal sex toy experts will be more than happy to get in touch!