Best Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators are some of the best sex toys for women on the market. They are an extremely popular product that sometimes offer twice, or sometimes three times the pleasure of other vibrators. The dual pleasure that rabbit vibrators provide can in some cases produce what is known as a blended orgasm. A blended orgasm is where you experience a clitoral and internal orgasm simultaneously.

Rabbit vibrators usually follow the same fundamental principles. They feature one or two ears that stimulate the clitoris, and a shaft for vaginal insertion. In classic rabbit vibrators the shafts tend to having rotating beads to massage the inside of the vagina. Newer rabbit feature a bullet vibrator in the shaft that delivers powerful vibrations internally. Some rabbits also feature a curved shaft that has been specifically designed to apply pressure to the g-spot. By stimulating internally and externally rabbits create an all encompassing experience for the user.

Here at Loving Joy some of our best selling sex toys are rabbit vibrators, and we have an extremely comprehensive range of different types of award winning rabbit vibrators that have been extremely well reviewed around the world.

Below are our best rabbit vibrators according to what our users buy globally.

1. Jessica Rabbit Original Vibrator – £19.99 – this is by far our most popular The Original Jessica Rabbit Vibratorrabbit vibrator. The Jessica Rabbit Original was the first rabbit vibrator that we sold. It quickly became one of our best selling sex toys, and remains as one of the most popular female sex toys to this day. This is an incredibly easy to use vibrator that is perfect for beginners. This vibrator features two bunny ears that stimulate the clitoris, whilst the shaft features pearly beads that rotate inside you. The Jessica Rabbit is a basic rabbit vibrator that features only a few functions. If you like the design of this rabbit but want more functions then we recommend taking a look at the Jessica Rabbit MK 2.

Jessica Rabbit Vibrator G-Spot Slim2. Jessica Rabbit Vibrator – G Spot Slim – £29.99 – This rabbit vibrator features a slim shaft making insertion extremely easy and straight forward. The shaft also features a curved tip that is designed to apply pressure to the G-Spot. This rabbit vibrator also features three rows of metal beads that rotate giving you extreme internal pleasure. The rabbit ears are also designed to vibrate and massage the clitoris. This rabbit vibrator was also featured in the Good Housekeeping’s Tried and Tested Panel. Reviewers said that it was extremely easy to use, and also felt pleasurable.

3. Jessica Rabbit Vibrator – Ultimate Extra – £34.99 – This is our best selling Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Extra VibratorExtra rabbit vibrator. It has been seen on TV in Scandinavia, and remains one of our best selling rabbits in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Extra has a total of 36 different combinations of speeds and functions. It has rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation, two rows of metal beads for internal stimulation, and a bullet vibrator on the base that vibrates in time with the rabbit ears giving even more internal pleasure to the user.

Loving Joy DUA Rabbit Vibrator with Wand Attachment

4. Loving Joy DUA Rabbit Vibrator with Wand Attachment – £99.99 – The Loving Joy DUA Rabbit Vibrator with Wand Attachment is one of the first interchangeable vibrators on the market. This completely innovative product allows for the owner two have two types of vibrators for incredible value. Two high quality silicone vibrators like these, if sold separately, would cost approximately £69.99 each! The Loving Joy DUA Rabbit Vibrator features a curved shaft that has been ergonomically designed to gently caress the G-Spot. The tip of the shaft also features a strong motor that creates strong internal vibrations. The rabbit vibrator also has a powerful motor inside the one rabbit ear for clitoral stimulation. The DUA is extremely easy to change over, simply unscrew the rabbit attachment and then screw on the magic wand attachment. This silicone vibrator is completely waterproof and features a one button controller. It is also rechargeable and can be charged up with the included USB charger. The Loving Joy DUA was also featured in the Good Housekeeping Tried and Tested Panel in 2018 and was voted as the third best vibrator by their reviewers! The reviewers said that it was extremely easy to switch between the two attachments. Furthermore, every reviewer said that it helped bring them to climax.

5. Jessica Rabbit Vibrator Ultimate Plus – £34.99 – This rabbit vibrator is our Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Plus Vibratorlargest rabbit vibrator. It features three rows of larger metal beads that rotate internally. The beads themselves have six rotating functions. The rabbit ears a placed to gently sit against the clitoris and also have six vibration functions, giving this rabbit a total of 36 combinations of functions and vibrations. The rabbit has an easy to use push button controller. The base is unscrew-able, and once done, the battery compartment is exposed. This rabbit vibrator requires 4 x AA batteries. This rabbit vibrator is also waterproof, but please make sure you screw the base on tightly!

Still have questions about the best rabbit vibrators? Feel free to contact our product experts for more information. Or if you want to find the best sex toys then take a look at our guides to the best sex toys for women, or the best sex toys.