Sex Toys to Make Her Squirt

Want to experience female ejaculation? Want to make your partner ejaculate? Well our female sex toy experts have created a guide to teach you all about squirting and how to squirt.

What is squirting?

Female ejaculation has been known about for centuries and was even referenced in the Kamasutra as ‘female semen’. Even though it has been around for numerous years we still don’t know an awful lot about female ejaculation. What we do know is that during stimulation of the vulva, some women experience an involuntary release of fluid, this is what is known as ‘squirting’ or ‘female ejaculation.

The fluids released were previously dismissed as being urination during sex. However, this is not the case, and numerous scientific studies have found that the composition of female ejaculate is completely different to urine. With female ejaculate mainly being prostatic fluid, and a bit of glucose.

Why do some women squirt?

For a small amount of women squirting comes naturally and when they are stimulated in a certain way. Many women have the ability to squirt, but do not have the knowledge on how to make themselves ejaculate. Below are some tips on how to make yourself squirt, but please remember that everyone is different and these are tips, but not an exact Science. So although they may work in some, they may not work in others. But make sure that you experiment and practice, and when you find something that works for you, you will experience an orgasm like never before!

How do you squirt?

The best way to squirt is to make sure that you are aroused, so get relaxed and turned on. Masturbation and foreplay are essential when attempting to make yourself squirt. Make sure you target all your erogenous zones like your nipples and breasts, and then have your partner pay special attention to your clitoris. Get them to lick it or caress it with their fingers, or even ask them to use a clitoral vibrator to really get you in the mood.

It is very important that you are very wet, and aroused, so use plenty of lubricant to help with the ultimate release.

Once you are aroused, start to work on your G-Spot. Find this erogenous zone with your fingers, or ideally a toy. Many women say that using a g-spot vibrator really helps them. For information on using one, take a look at our guide on how to use a g spot vibrator. Others find that firm glass dildos, or metal dildos work best because they allow you to provide firm stimulation to your g spot.

You may feel the need to pee, and this is great because it is a sign that you are almost there. It is important that you push through this feeling, which will eventually become replaced with a deep sensation that builds up into an incredible orgasm. As you start to climax push out your pelvic floor muscles and then watch as you release.

Best Sex Positions for Squirting

Using a sex toy can making squirting a lot easier and faster, however you can also reach this incredible climax in different sex positions. The following positions are some of our favorites for achieving orgasm and squirting:

Missionary – Place a couple of pillows under your bum and lay your feet flat on the bed, with your knees bent. This gives your partner the perfect position to massage your g-spot with his penis. If you want more intense sensations pull your legs up higher and spread them wider.

Women on Top – this is great for g-spot stimulation as it puts you in control of every thrust and movement. The way the man is positioned means that his member is able to apply additional pressure to your g-spot. If you lean back slightly further you will feel this pressure increase, meaning that you should eventually be able to reach an explosive climax.

Doggy Style – This gives you the perfect angle needed for you to squirt, and can be improved by laying down closer to the bed and pushing your bum up further.

Best sex toys to help you squirt:

There are many sex toys that have been specifically designed to massage the g-spot. By massaging the g-spot correctly you can experience explosive climax where you squirt. Below are our best sex toys to help you do this.

Jessica Rabbit G Spot Slim Vibrator

Jessica Rabbit G Spot Slim VibratorThe Jessica Rabbit G Spot Slim is a rabbit vibrator that features a bent tip, that when inserted applies pressure to the g-spot. This rabbit vibrator features a slim shaft that allows you to increase the angle, and therefore, the pressure of the tip against your g spot. This rabbit vibrator also features bunny ears designed for clitoral stimulation, and rotating beads for even more internal stimulation. All these unique features combined create a mind blowing tool that aids female ejaculation!

You can buy the Jessica Rabbit G Spot Vibrator today from the official online Loving Joy adult sex toys store!

Loving Joy VERSA Bendable Vibrator

Loving Joy VERSA Bendable VibratorThe Loving Joy VERSA is a truly unique flexible vibrator that is unlike any other on the market. What makes this bendable vibrator so special is the fact that it features a flexible middle area that can be bent and twisted into any shape that you desire. The problem that many women have with vibrators is that they do not fit everyone’s anatomy. Having a bendable vibrator like this means that you can twist it and bend it into a shape that best fits you. This is also what makes it a great g-spot vibrator. If you bend it into a crescent moon like shape you then have a vibrator that is angled for targeted g-spot stimulation. This means that you can easily apply pressure to your g-spot, and hopefully experience an explosive squirting orgasm!

Loving Joy Curved 5 Inch Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup

Loving Joy Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction CupThe Loving Joy Curved Silicone Dildo is a great sex toy to help stimulate your g-spot. It also has a petite size and a slim shaft making it a great sex toy for beginners. This velvety smooth silicone dildo allows you to easily massage your g-spot in a delightful way. Use a shallow thrusting technique with this dildo and feel the curved tip stroke your g-spot until you explode into climatic bliss!

You can buy the Loving Joy Curved 5 Inch Silicone Dildo today from the official online Loving Joy sex toy store!

Loving Joy DUA Rabbit Vibrator with Wand Attachment

Loving Joy DUA Interchangeable Vibrator with Wand AttachmentThe Loving Joy DUA is the best vibrator for anything! This vibrator features a base that has two different types of heads that you can attach to it. One is a magic wand vibrator attachment that is great for clitoral stimulation, so is great for your partner to use on you whilst you are both enjoying penetrative sex. One reviewer of this product actually wrote that the wand attachment was small enough for her to use it as an insertable vibrator, and enabled her to apply some fantastic vibrating pressure to her g-spot.

Then once you have unscrewed the Loving Joy DUA’s Wand Attachment you can screw on the DUA’s rabbit vibrator attachment. This rabbit attachment features a curved shaft that is done so to apply pressure to your g-spot. The rabbit vibe also features a clitoral stimulator that gives you dual sensations that will bring you into a whole new world of orgasmic fun.

If you have any more questions on how to make your partner squirt then please feel free to contact us and one of our sex toy experts will get back to you as soon as possible.