History of Sex Toys

Sex toys have been around for a long time, and the different types of adult toys all come at different times. Since their original creation sex toys have come a long way, especially nowadays where we understand more about the human anatomy and the different erogenous zones that we have. This combined with developments in technology has meant that sex toys are now more advanced than ever.

In order to go through the history of sex toys, we will need to go through the different types of sex toys, and when they were first created or recorded.


Dildos were one of the first pleasure products to be found. According to some archaeologists, humans had already made dildos some 30 thousand years ago. Furthermore some ancient Greek vase art also portrayed dildos being used for sexual penetration for solo masturbation and orgies, so dildos themselves have been around for a long time.

Love Eggs

Love eggs or Ben Wa balls have been dated to first hit the sex toy scene and were mentioned in many Asian writings from around A.D. 500. The balls were usually made from silver, some solid or some hollow, and were originally used in order to increase the males pleasure during intercourse. As science improved they became used to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

Butt Plugs

These are some of the most popular anal sex toys. Butt plugs have been around since the late 1800s, and were first sold as rectal dilators, and were only available by prescription in drugstores. They were originally advertised only for medical purposes and it is unclear as to when the first butt plug was sold for pleasure.


Vibrators were quite famously invented to cure hysteria in Victorian women. After decades of Doctors administering a long, tiring, and tedious treatment to cure what was essentially sexual frustration, a London-based physician patented the world’s first electro-mechanical vibrating device to cure this. Vibrators were advertised alongside other household appliances and were perceived as being a domestic health product.

Magic wand vibrators were first developed as sports massagers in 1960’s by a Hitachi, a Japanese company. The wand vibrator was originally created to release tension and help to relax sore muscles. A famous sex educator called Betty Dodson popularised the use of a sports massager as a sex toy in the late 60’s ‘sex positive’ movement.

In 1966, J.H. Travel filed to patent the first cordless vibrator, which is essentially a classic looking vibrator that looks similar to a modern day lady finger vibrator. The advertisement campaign for this was ‘beauty is more than skin deep’, in order to promote the benefits of sexual pleasure. These classic vibrators were then upgraded and turned into the small and discreet bullet vibrators that have become some of the best selling female sex toys.

Following on from the sexual pleasure revolution, an American Vibratex company manufactured the first rabbit vibrator to combat the release of giant phallic vibrators. The first rabbit vibrator was released in 1984, and designed to give woman more intense orgasms, offering them a new way to masturbate and experience dual stimulation.

Erotic Electrostimulation Toys

In the 19th century electro adult toys were used for entertainment purposes as well as to cure impotence in men. Since then electro sex toys have developed, and are now extremely popular sex toys to use during foreplay.

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