It’s a Tickler! – Loving Joy’s Award-Nominated Bound to Please Range Expanded with Unique New Product

Bound to Please Riding Crop

The UK’s leading adult toy manufacturer is releasing a new impact toy within it’s Bound to Please silicone bondage range that was recently nominated as the Best New Product Range at the ETO Awards.

Loving Joy has spent the last couple of years building up its bondage gear catalogue with bestselling, high end brands like the luxurious nubuck leather ranges, Bound and Bound Noir and the surprise hit line of male chastity devices, Impound. The high quality silicone bondage range under the Bound to Please name was launched in November 2017 and it has been flying off the shelves ever since.

The silicone range was an instant hit with our customers – says Sebastian Gonzalez, CEO at Loving Joy – clearly there was a demand for a leather-alternative in the fetish community and we were happy to fulfill that demand with a range that is affordable, but looks, feels and does the part too.

Bound to Please Riding CropThe range that so far has consisted of a hardcore silicone paddle, a beginner-friendly silicone riding crop, universal cuffs, a collar and lead set, and a bone gag will now be expanded with a double purpose toy, a silicone crop with a feather tickler. The crop end is heart shaped and promises a heavy thud on impact so the perfect mark of love can be left with it, while the other end can facilitate more gentle, introductory play with the soft feather tickler.

We love coming across toys that look a bit out of ordinary, a bit mismatched but still make sense somehow. – Gonzalez continued. Our newest Bound to Please product certainly fits this bill. Depending on which way you look at it, it’s either a hardcore crop with a vanilla attachment or, it’s a gentle tickler with a tool of punishment on its other end. Is it for beginners or is it for more advanced players? The answer is, of course, that it’s for both! This crop will go down really well with consumers who just start out in BDSM and looking to try multiple experiences with relatively little commitment, but it will also be appreciated by more experienced players who are looking for really impactful toys but still enjoy some tickle-torture from time to time.

Of course our customers will be happy to know that this best seller-in-the-making will be offered on the same kind of generous price point that is now expected of Loving Joy and its sub-brands like Bound to Please. We want our customers to be able to really stock up on products that are sought after by the public and we want them to be able to sell items that will yield the best possible profits for them. And so we offer tiered pricing on all of our own brands and have recently introduced a Buy Back Guarantee for physical stores too, as we are just so confident in the quality and saleability of the entire Loving Joy brand-family.

So, really, there’s only one thing left to do – concluded Sebastian Gonzalez – we really need to figure out a good abbreviation for this new Bound to Please toy. Should it be Crockler? Tickrop? Cropler? We are open to suggestions!

The Bound to Please Silicone Heart Shaped Crop with Feather Tickler will be available to buy toward the end of December, so if you have any questions about it then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to get back to you!

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